What to Expect

Legacy is an exciting mosaic of people with a missional heart for our city, as well as, the nations. We worship with passion and energy, are dedicated to the study of the Scriptures, and intentional about seeing miracles, daily.

At Legacy we love the arts in our worship, teach the scriptures with intentionality in hopes that this will instigate and maintain the passion, energy and revival in our everyday lives. In this way, people from all walks of life can experience the all embracing love of the Father till their lives are changed. We are no longer living a life of mere existence and survival. We are living! Living free and fulfilled! Visit us and let's explore this amazing God, together!


Restoring people to greatness & releasing them to reveal Heaven on Earth!


Our Strategy is three fold:

  1. COMMUNE: To create a local community that grows through Micro-Churches who reach out to others, mature disciples, and care for one another. This will result in creative, miracle-filled corporate celebrations.
  2. CULTIVATE: To help individuals find and realize their destiny and giftings in order to transform our community, by providing educational opportunities as well as hands–on experience at the Legacy School of Supernatural Ministry.
  3. COLLABORATE: To work in collaboration with other ministries in Tampa Bay as well as worldwide to help mobilize the City-wide Church till our communities are transformed by God. We look to start new long-term joint community initiatives as well as provide apostolic oversight to church-plant initiatives.

Core Values

  • We value Community Settings, with their potential, complex systems and urgent issues of human needs.
  • We value Covenant Partnerships, personal and ministerial - that go beyond superficial and selfish interests.
  • We value Authenticity, brought on by a life of transparency and honesty with God and each other.
  • We value Diversity, reflected by actively welcoming different perspectives, gifts, experiences, race, age and gender.
  • We value Restoration, by the power of Jesus to reinstate humankind from brokenness to wholeness in God.
  • We value Servant Leadership, as inspired by Christ's example of leading others by serving them first.
  • We value Interdependence, where we all work together in according to our personal gifts, talents and roles in order to achieve true success.
  • We value Ethical Use of Power, whereby individuals can be confident that those in positions of leadership will lead in righteousness, with good character, mutual submission, humility and integrity.
  • We value Risk, as it equates to living by faith and not by sight.