Core Values

  • We value Community Settings, with their potential, complex systems and urgent issues of human needs.
  • We value Covenant Partnerships, personal and ministerial - that go beyond superficial and selfish interests.
  • We value Authenticity, brought on by a life of transparency and honesty with God and each other.
  • We value Diversity, reflected by actively welcoming different perspectives, gifts, experiences, race, age and gender.
  • We value Restoration, by the power of Jesus to reinstate humankind from brokenness to wholeness in God.
  • We value Servant Leadership, as inspired by Christ's example of leading others by serving them first.
  • We value Interdependence, where we all work together in according to our personal gifts, talents and roles in order to achieve true success.
  • We value Ethical Use of Power, whereby individuals can be confident that those in positions of leadership will lead in righteousness, with good character, mutual submission, humility and integrity.
  • We value Risk, as it equates to living by faith and not by sight.