This study was designed by Kevin Dedmond is a wonderful way of exploring how a church can learn to host the presence of God. We'll be meeting every Wednesday at the Warehouse and then breaking out into DE groups during class. We encourage Legacy Members, LSSM students & the general public to attend.

We strongly believe we owe people an encounter with the transformative love of God. Transformation is the result of an encounter with Christ and at least three additional combined factors.

Relational Transparency: Our willingness to become self-revealing with other Believer’s on the journey toward maturity in Christ (horizontal) this is the critical indicator which reveals we truly want the Lord (vertical) to reveal to us the mystery of being created in His image.

Truth in Community: If we want the Scriptures to become more than compartmentalized information, theological jargon or a dead-religious creed. . .then we must study, meditate and memorize the Word in a relationally interactive setting.

Life-Changing Accountability: We need "family" on this journey who witness that we are being changed. This change is demonstrated relationally and in actions which demonstrate the power of God’s Kingdom. This "family" is also aware of the struggles we desire to overcome and lovingly stand with us as we grow into a new reality of freedom and grace.

These ingredients, require a setting where deep trust can lead to openness. In these DE Groups there is considerable opportunity to share insight and application of God's word; and where you are known in your shortcomings and are loved beyond them. This honor seeks to see the diamond instead of the dark coal that surrounds it at times. In our experience this does not happen simply because you get five or more people in a small group. It can and does happen in the dynamic interchange of these smaller, reproducible units.

Jesus had a big enough vision to think small. Focusing on a few did not limit his influence. Rather, it expanded it. Discipleship Essential groups are designed to help us influence others as Jesus did--by investing in a few.

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