OutBreak Outreach Ministries

Outreach Ministry

OutBreak Ministries is a local mission-focused ministry of Legacy Church. Our goal is to share the love and hope of Jesus Christ through building relationships, establishing relevant, community-focused initiatives and programs, serving the needs of the underserved in the inner-city, and mobilizing help and hope through volunteers.


Food and Clothing: Through the generous support of local churches and the community, monthly, we are able to serve individuals in need with free nonperishable food, clothing, and other items as available. This service is available to all who are in need. In addition to direct support, we assist participants with connecting to resources to create self-sufficiency in their lives and families. We work closely with other community partners to ensure that individuals are truly being empowered through our services.

Outreach Events: Community events are an enormous focus for the OutBreak Ministries and Legacy Church. Through these events we organize help and hope through volunteers and resources. Annually we host (3) three large events for the city, a Community Birthday Bash; a Back-to-School Bash and a Fall Festival. These events serve hundreds of individuals and their families and meet, from the most basic needs, up to school supplies and backpacks. We also partner with other community events to bring help and hope to cities and individuals. 

Prison Ministry: Weekly a team of men and women volunteers conduct small group classes at prisons throughout the State of Florida. The focus is assisting inmates to become whole internally and position them for success externally. We utilize evidence-based teachings and curriculum to host classes. We are in partnerships with both medium and maximum-level security prisons which enables us the opportunity to work with short-term sentenced inmates up to lifers.

Probation Ministry: A team of volunteers travel to local probation offices serving as a bridge for recently released inmates and assist them in properly assimilating back into local communities. Through education, direct resources and referrals we come alongside the individuals and partner with them for future success.

City Evangelism: A team of volunteers are mobilized to different sections of the city to form a relationship with individuals and their families, to pray for and with them, and to educate the community regarding the services and programs available through the OutBreak Ministries and Legacy Church.

Educational Workshops: To address and assist in the root issues of unemployment, homelessness and poverty, we are developing monthly opportunities for the community to be educated free of cost. The educational classes range from financial literacy to job-readiness. We partner with professionals within the community to conduct the classes.

 Discipleship Classes: Weekly we offer a free bible class for all who are interested in discovering who they are, what their purpose is and why they exist. This class is also for new believers that desire to grow in their identity and destiny.

If you or your organizations are interested in partnering with the OutBreak Ministries, please email our Outreach Director, Octoryia Robinson at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.