God's Law

Written by Pastor John Garcia on .

God's laws are primarily principles to release blessing, not rules to be obeyed to gain right standing with God. As we recalibrate our spiritual motivations, we discover how to cheerfully make life-changing deposits into the spirit realm and, more importantly, how to find new aspects of the nature of God hidden in each law. The end result of this discovery is a transformed life that prospers in every endeavor. It is your time to become even more aware of the powerful realm of the Spirit and the laws that are at work within that realm.

With each passing day, we are growing with Heaven's perspective for this generation and our role in it. We exist to create opportunity for others. Sure, we could give our possessions to the poor, but if we have not love...it profits us nothing. We should be profiting from what we give, because in Kingdom Economics, giving is an investment. Giving unlocks Heaven when it is done in love. Love is a verb not a mere feeling; it is a powerful law all by itself. At the end of the day, regardless of what it looks like…money, time, talent…it is love that we are actually giving away. It is an honor to have the opportunities to make opportunity for others. As we give love away, it comes back to us in more ways than we can account for in a lifetime. "Having more than enough" is the budget we’re working with to provide our spheres of influence with subtle and other times outrageous encounters of the God-Kind.

God's Stimulus Package

Written by Pastor John Garcia on .

Allow me to speak to you for a moment about God’s financial stimulus package. Look at what Isaiah 26:3 (CJB) has to say, “A person whose desire rests on you, you preserve in perfect (shalom) peace (shalom), because he trusts in you.” Peace and prosperity come alive when we trust God! So, indulge me for the next few minutes as I give you some life-saving nuggets and practical truths.

Now, let’s ask the basic question, why a 10th (tithe)? The answer is found in the number itself. Mathematically, the #10 is a perfect numeral. When God says in the book of Malachi ‘test me’ or better translated, ‘trust me’, he meant it! He desires for us to trust him PERFECTLY, with the whole of our finances. The 10th is a faith-act representing the whole. It’s the lesser honoring the greater. The 10% brings honor to the 90%. 1 Corinthians 12:24b “…having given greater honor to that part which lacks it.” When the curse came on creation because of disobedience, God implemented disciplines as the key to unlock the rewards of obedience “…Obedience is better than sacrifice.”

Guts, Glory and Genuine Leadership

Written by Pastor John Garcia on .

A king without the tenacity to impose justice is nothing more than a pauper with a pulpit or a coward with a crown. This sort of leader is a dangerously immature person who will only breed all sorts of treacherous dynamics among their disciples. There is no such thing as "a time for mercy and then a time for justice." In God's world, justice is mercy and mercy is justice. To neglect this vital understanding is to give credence to and make a way for iniquity.

Iniquity is not sin. Sin is washed by the blood of Jesus. What many are plagued with is, iniquity. The act of creating a personalized justice system aside from the one Christ imposed in the Law of Love. In other words, it is the soul's ability to justify the wrongs we do and minimize their effects by implementing 'unsanctified mercy'. Jesus said, many will be rejected, not because of their sin, but for being "workers of iniquity".

There comes a time in a Believer's life when as little lambs, we must accept we are simultaneously, lions! Jesus is the Lamb of God and the Lion of Judah. He is both, simultaneously! We cannot ignore when parasitic or predatoril elements are seeking to encroach upon our spheres of dominion. Not speaking up would have permitted the Nazi regime to annihilate all the Jews and everyone else they hated! General Patton MacArthur and President Eisenhower managed to keep the Allies fighting the Germans and not each other. The Church must abandon the false sense of 'peace maker or peace keeper' which we have adopted. Failure to make wrongs right, is to be an accomplice to demonic agendas. Godly mature leaders desire and contend for peace in all the kingdoms and families of this world.

Apostolic Maturation

Written by Pastor John Garcia on .

Let’s begin this article by establishing the nature of my prose. It is my intention to arrive at some clarity regarding the principle purpose of the emergent apostolic presence in modern-day Christendom. Allow me to lay some foundational elements taken from Isaiah 9:6-7. When reading these verses we must immediately identify the job description, so to speak, of our Chief Apostle and First Born Among Many Brethren, Jesus Christ. When dissected, we should quickly identify what ought to be the evolution of modern-day apostles: Child(1), Son(2), Government(3), Increasing Government(4), Increasing Peace(5), Order(6), Judgment(7) and finally, Justice(8). The eight (8) functions described herein also constitute the change evidenced when the Kingdom of God replaces the philosophy of the Kingdom of men.

Truth be told, often times the trend found in many present day apostles is that they seem to pretend to have a niche market or they own the cornerstone of supernatural ability and revelation. In actuality, while many are trying to spiritualize many natural things, true apostles are intentionally trying to naturalize many spiritual things and lay foundations in inconspicuous places. This in turn, causes inconsequentiality and monotony to take on the quadruple-dimensional love of Christ, which amplifies his purposes in specific individuals and regions. We see this type of defiance when God used the mundane rod of Moses to amplify the very reason for which he had been brought into the kingdom. The same is true of David’s slingshot as well as many other notable examples noted in the scriptures.

Ascension Gifts

Written by Pastor John Garcia on .

There are many gifts, which have been bestowed upon the Church. There are three-sets of New Testament gifts. We have the gifts in Romans 6 as those given by the Father, the Gifts of the Spirit as they are commonly known in Corinthians, and the Ascension Gifts as the ones Jesus gave his Church. The Ascension Gifts have been given by Christ to facilitate bringing the Church into maturity. In Ephesians it states these gifts were distributed as an inheritance at Christ’s ascension. This is probably one of the most elementary, yet paramount truths regarding these unique gifts. The truth I’m referring to is simply this, as promotion came to Christ, he in turn blessed the lesser, us. This should unveil a cornerstone for apostolic ministry.As promotion comes to us we must be releasing a wake of gifts that causes those in our sphere of influence to be empowered and released. In other words, bringing them into realms of dominion far outside their ability to produce.

These Ascension Gifts were not meant to be a pretext for ego-centered, narcissistic vessels; leaders who simply seek to obtain offerings and honor. Although honor and offerings may be well deserved, these gifts were given with intentionality; that they would serve the Body as “giver-functions”. Bringing the Body of Christ into maturity and oneness. Although we’ve seen many immature representations of this magnificent of 5-ascension gifts, Christ has the master blueprint and he is acutely aware of the resources needed to bring all of us into our full measure. Our early Church predecessors turned the world upside down without the use of mass transportation, worldwide web or smart phones. Indulge me for the next few minutes and dream with me for a bit as we get glimpses of what we are about to be entrusted with in the 21-Century.