Finish Line

Written by Pastor John Garcia on .

Allow me to begin by stating that we have been pre-destined and not pre-purposed. The Father doesn't simply have a function for us to perform; he has an identity locked up inside of us he desires to reveal. However, there are responsibilities that go along with purpose because there are 'end results' or a destiny that God intended to come from our lives. There is a 'fruit' from our existence that will cause future generations to be inspired and driven. What we do with our lives will impact those who come after us. In other words, progressions are dependent upon inception and completion.

A 'finish line' in our life can also be defined as a 'launching pad'. When something is completed, that completion also marks the beginning for something or some one else. The completed work then becomes the foundation for something new to be built upon. Our outcomes set the stage for new things to be revealed. This is how life progresses.

Conclusions birth new initiatives. The failure to conclude brings death. There are momentums that God will stir up within us and it's up to us to run with what He began. If we 'drop the ball', we bring death to the initiative and thus produce no fruit. We will never progress and be a blessing by only doing things 'half way'. Our finish line is always meant to be a starting point for 'what comes next'.

In the Kingdom, death precedes and births life. Sacrifice is an essential element that causes us to complete things. We cannot finish what we began without a sacrifice. To move from one dimension to another always requires a sacrifice. This is how the Kingdom works. Only wanting what feels good to our flesh or what aligns itself with earthly opinions or mentalities will not produce the Kingdom. Jesus is the greatest example of this. He was the 'one seed' that died to bear much fruit (John. 12:24). With the death of one, many now have the opportunity to live. The sacrifice of labor should produce a new life and prepare the way for a legacy. Again, in the Kingdom, it's death through a sacrifice that will produce a 'greater measure of that which died'. It was Christ's purpose to die, but it was his destiny to release the abundant life to all humanity.

Future generations are dependent upon us finishing our assignments. The failure to complete our responsibilities produces death and barrenness (an abortion or a bastard). If we do not complete what God has given us to complete, someone else might not be able to begin. People's lives are dependent upon each of us developing what God put within us. Destiny's are waiting to be unlocked and activated in response to what God desires to come forth from our lives. To not sow time and energy into doing what the Father has called us to do not only causes us to miss out on blessings, but it also impacts those who are waiting at our finish line to take the baton and continue forward. Our completions and our failures affect the next generation.

How do we finish? How do we complete the things God has assigned us to? First off, we must point the finger at ourselves and say, "I am responsible for what gets accomplished through my life, not anyone else." We're talking about the purposes that God put within our spirit. We're talking about the mandates of the Father as they pertain to this particular time in which He placed us here on earth. There is an impact and a contribution He placed us here to reveal. Our contributions are meant to outlive us. Our contributions must become more than just a tombstone in the ground with a friendly epitaph. No, the life that we have produced is meant to continue in other earthen vessels. This is called legacy! Our finality is the launching pad for the next generation.

Jesus was connected generationally, he said it was His food to do the will of the Father and to finish His work (John. 4:34). Jesus finished His part and what He finished became our beginning. Then, what He finished became 'what He began' (Acts 1:1). He said that He was sent and now He has sent us in that we might continue what He 'began' (John. 20:21). He did His part that we might have our part. This is the pattern of life. Are we doing our part? Furthermore, let's not get overly 'spiritual' and feel that we can't become too 'works oriented' in life. The will of the Father is 'work' and it will only get done when you and I 'do' it. It won't get done by the 'laying on of hands' or by 'seeing a vision' or 'hearing His voice'. It only gets done when we get our bodies involved.

To accomplish the Father's will is to 'work'. Jesus both 'did' and 'taught' (Acts 1:1). He said we should come to Him, hear His sayings and 'do' them (Luke 6:47). Paul said that faith without 'works' is dead (James 2:20). We prove what is His good and acceptable and perfect will by 'doing' something about it (Romans 12:2). The Kingdom cannot 'come' unless it is ultimately expressed in practical ways. We live in a dimension of taste, touch, feeling, sight, and smell and spiritual things were designed to manifest through those natural dimensions.

King David definitely messed up and brought some things upon him and his family due to sins that he committed, yet he finished all that God required of him (Acts 13:22). Because David did all that was required of him, his kingdom became 'established greatly' (1 Kings 2:12). When we do not finish all that God commanded us, future generations will not have the 'starting point' that is supposed to come from our finish line. The next generation will have to fight the battles that we should have won. Before they get started, the next generation will have to scramble about to complete what we did not complete. They will have to pick up the baton that we dropped and make their way to 'our finish line' before they can begin their race.

God is currently redeeming prematurely terminated assignments. There may have been past relatives or brethren in the Lord who did not finish what the Father called them to and God is looking for those in this generation who will sacrifice themselves to 'tie up the loose ends' of what was left undone and then move things forward. God has mighty purposes that He has not declared to be over. Just because people give up doesn't mean God gives up. He is calling many of us to deal with some things that should have already been dealt with and He is working with us to redeem what was lost so we might be able to move forward into greater dimensions of His glory.

God is shaping many of us and doing things in our character and mentality that will enable us to not give up or fall where others before us have fallen. He is stretching and testing us so that we will become finishers and not be slack. He has called us to win! His dreams are not over. We can do this!

Paul said he 'finished his race' because he placed his body 'under subjection' (2 Timothy 4:7 & 1 Corinthians 9:27). Paul was a man of the Spirit, yet he understood that his flesh needed to be told what to do and how to behave in order for him to 'finish' the entirety of what God gave him to do. He knew that his bodily members had to be 'enslaved' to carry out the will of God (Romans 6:19). Our bodies must become instruments and tools of the Holy Spirit. Our flesh is really meant to be a 'vehicle' for the movements of God's Spirit and life. To be spiritual requires us to be practical. His Word wants to 'become flesh'.

Our legacy, is waiting to get started at our finish line!

You were created for greatness!

John Garcia