Written by Pastor John Garcia on .

In this generation God is raising up men and women to be a voice, not simply an echo. There is a distinct difference between a voice and an echo. A voice can be traced to a point of origin an echo can not be traced. The origin of an echo is unknown. When I refer to being an echo, I am implying that we are not going to say what everybody else is saying. In other words we aren't just on this earth to be bouncing things off of one another. There is a sound God is trying to unleash on the earth. For planet earth, it will sound like a woman giving birth. This sound is not new to planet earth. It was heard as a crying in the wilderness, it shook the dry bones of a dead army, it collided with the walls of fortified cities, it shook the foundation of a prison and it will trumpet from the heavens onto the earth, once again.

The wilderness was no Tahiti, yet John the Baptist released the sound that shifts the climate over a city. He was not popular with religion or tradition because he was not speaking simply to seek allegiances. When John spoke the things that nobody else would say, he unveiled new breed of people. It makes no difference where we may find ourselves, we must observe that we are not always saying what everybody else is saying. This will only produce the same results. As heaven's ambassadors to this generation we have a mandate to deliver the decrees which have been entrusted to us.

We have been sent to do so. There is a difference between a person who is called and one who is sent. The called ones will worship God, the sent ones will forge new paths so that others will also worship God. John was separate from the structure. He found himself in the same place David was when he killed the lion and the bear. It was from that place where many of the Psalms were written. Often times it is solace that births the sound. The sound of new birth is usually done in the presence of close, intimate friends. It is the desert where we train to produce intimate worship as well as the place where we strengthen our warfare technique.

Your worship is like a fingerprint in its uniqueness. God only recognizes voices that come from the heart and not the head. Adam's original voice print was the voice print of God therefore, He spoke on the same frequency. God's Words are tattooed on the walls of our hearts and flow out of our mouths when we are in worship. We need to look at his plan, inscribed on the walls of our hearts, not what the surrounding elements may reveal to us. When we speak in agreement with His word, God picks up on His voice in us and he watches over His Word to perform it.

Enoch "walked" with God as an example that each of us must walk out our destiny. As we walk and speak by the Spirit, we "see" the answers and solutions to our problems. The glory of God is manifested tangibly by producing results that change our reality into God's destiny for his children. It is real! When Lazarus was healed, there was a voice. When the storm was calmed, there was a voice. When the bones were united, there was a voice and at the final great coming, there will be a voice like the sound of a trumpet and the shout of an archangel.

In the movie, The Sound of Music, they were singing across Austria. It was as if their voices were coming from everywhere when in reality, they were in one geographical location. God gives you the perfect vantage point for you to release your distinctive voice. When this occurs, do not move! It is as if, His Word explodes, drawing people to that place.

His word, through your mouth, will expose the enemies of Christ's Church and release prisoners by the thousands. A program will not draw people like voice of the Lord. They are not satisfied by merely stimulating their senses. They desire their lives changed! We have a sound inside of us God is still working on and He is about to release it. Let your voice be heard!

You were created for greatness!

Pastor John Garcia