Guts, Glory and Genuine Leadership

Written by Pastor John Garcia on .

A king without the tenacity to impose justice is nothing more than a pauper with a pulpit or a coward with a crown. This sort of leader is a dangerously immature person who will only breed all sorts of treacherous dynamics among their disciples. There is no such thing as "a time for mercy and then a time for justice." In God's world, justice is mercy and mercy is justice. To neglect this vital understanding is to give credence to and make a way for iniquity.

Iniquity is not sin. Sin is washed by the blood of Jesus. What many are plagued with is, iniquity. The act of creating a personalized justice system aside from the one Christ imposed in the Law of Love. In other words, it is the soul's ability to justify the wrongs we do and minimize their effects by implementing 'unsanctified mercy'. Jesus said, many will be rejected, not because of their sin, but for being "workers of iniquity".

There comes a time in a Believer's life when as little lambs, we must accept we are simultaneously, lions! Jesus is the Lamb of God and the Lion of Judah. He is both, simultaneously! We cannot ignore when parasitic or predatoril elements are seeking to encroach upon our spheres of dominion. Not speaking up would have permitted the Nazi regime to annihilate all the Jews and everyone else they hated! General Patton MacArthur and President Eisenhower managed to keep the Allies fighting the Germans and not each other. The Church must abandon the false sense of 'peace maker or peace keeper' which we have adopted. Failure to make wrongs right, is to be an accomplice to demonic agendas. Godly mature leaders desire and contend for peace in all the kingdoms and families of this world.

Wars are not won by mercy. If so, Jesus would have forgiven Lucifer for fear of wounding his self-esteem or because He cowered at the sound of public opinion. Christ is a Priest and a King; a Lover and a Warrior! With all this unbalanced and immature talk of grace, honor, love and mercy we have misrepresented the whole Gospel (good news). It takes a king to overthrow a king. Jesus said, the Kingdom of God suffers violence and the violent take it by force! So, it's good news that God has equipped us and given us permission to move at this frequency when things that will cause us harm try to encroach on our harmony. It's good news to know that those who have been wronged will be vindicated. God will make certain of it.

I have been witnessing this passive evil tear the moral fabric of many congregations apart. We've limited morality to sexual purity, but it's more encompassing than sexuality. What is the Church's moral code? How do we protect the values that keep our relationships strong, transparent and safe? Where is the commitment to do life together for as long as we shall live…even during times of transition? This and other key factors are the "Guardians of Community." If there is only 'mooshy mercy' and 'greasy grace' without the active ingredient of 'genuine justice', the end result may be anarchy birthed out of self-indulgence, self-pity, self-pleasure and all other sorts of carnal hedonistic bents.

The Fear of the Lord will always remain as the cornerstone for Wisdom. It wasn't signs and wonders alone that caught the attention of the people. Yes, our weapons are unconventional. Yes, we do not war against flesh and blood. Yes, it is a grave thing to offend a 'little one'. Yes, it is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the Living God. These are all still true. We may have new perspectives on these truths, but they do not cease to be relevant or essential to our walk with God because of fresh, up-and-coming revelations. A healthy relationship with God and others requires them to be significant to us, always. Let's not read just what appeals to us! Let's read the whole counsel of God because it's relevance is culturally and generationally transcendent!

Fresh moves of God or 'Revival' do not minimize the justice of God. Revival always released the 'fear of the Lord' and that is why the end result was that people responded to life, wisely. Read Acts, again! During revival many were saved and others died. Some received their sight and other were blinded. Some were delivered of demons, while others were beaten by them. Failure to embrace the whole truth will lead to a breed of dangerously immature people who are bewitched by unsanctified mercy or led by the flattery of a personality as opposed to Godly leadership. A mature 'revivalist' will reveal both to us.

Godly leadership will always lead us into a wholesome or holistic transformation, even if and when it hurts. This means they may have to do some work on us till the diamonds hidden in the rough, the pearls drowning beneath our sea and the treasures buried under our dirt are revealed to world. During this process, godly leadership will always have the ability to lead us to places of refreshing and joy. Take heart, the world needs this kind of godly leader and the world needs you to be the most amazing you we've ever seen. The world is in pain, waiting for the manifestation of the sons of God who are birthed from the spiritual loins of Godly leadership. Manifest!