Mad Crazy Sex

Written by Pastor John Garcia on .

If we can tolerate all the risqué ads on TV & billboards etc, then we can deal with some healthy truth. Israel would send its 'Head' into the secret place. If a priest would go behind the veil of flesh unclean and in broken covenant with God, this priest would produce his personal death. The glory could not come into contact with defilement. A priest could not casually come on in. He had to be in relationship and in covenant. He even needed to be circumcised as a sign of covenant and cleanliness as well as a public declaration of the condition of his heart. This in no way means we need to be circumcised in order to have sex with our spouse.

When a man enters into a woman's secret place and he is unclean in heart, out of relationship and not living in covenant with that woman, they will only produce death. Casual sex is a terrible injustice to the parties involved. Sex outside of covenant is wrong because intimacy without covenant is damaging to the spiritual cycle of life. We introduce into this natural realm the fruit of reckless abandonment, rather than mutual submission in covenant and in relationship.

There are 3 that bear witness on the earth-- the blood, water and spirit. These are the 3 elements that may be used to seal a covenant. In Christ, we are born again by the blood, declared clean by baptism, and sealed with the promise (covenant) of the Holy Spirit. We have been connected to God with a threefold chord. We saw these elements present when out of Christ’s side on the Cross, God brought forth Jesus’ Bride, the Church.

When a man penetrates a woman, they are releasing all three of these ingredients. If done without a covenant then you are saying, "I give you my body, but not my dreams, or my hopes or my life." They are stating with the sexual act that they are married, yet in their hearts, they are defaming the sanctity of a true covenanted marriage. Additionally, they are defiling the sanctuary of the womb, which is the guardian of the mystery of life. There is glory behind that veil and that is why Christ rent it in two and why a man does the same to his virgin bride.

In accordance with the life-cycle of the un-covenanted man and woman, they may sire a child. That beautiful and innocent 8lbs 6 ounce fruit of sin will have to break many things in their life, if the parents do not repent. The parents must confront their sins and release that child from having to confront the generational cycles of fornication and lust. This obviously, does not mean that they will not be tempted in this area, but the generational cycle will not be as strong.

From an ecclesiastical perspective, many congregations operate in a spirit of fornication and whoredom. They can make you moan and groan. You may even lose your breath and fall out because it was so good, but at the end of the day, they have no covenant with the people who make up their flock. They just live for the euphoria of the moment or to receive your money. They will never lay with you when you are hurting or broken. I won't hang out on this subject too much because it’s a soapbox for another day.

The power of God operates in the overshadowing or the covering. The man is the covering of the woman. He's also the priest of the home. One of the greatest tragedies in the Garden was Adam's omission in covering Eve. He blamed her! When they chose to cover themselves, God was indignant. God covered Adam and Eve. He wanted to cover them and He desired for them to cover one another. Two of Noah's sons covered him. Ham took advantage of his father, and he was cursed. Jesus covers the Church. A covenant will cover your weakness. That is what the Father did for his prodigal son. In fact, it was the first thing he did. We need a covenant that will cover us! This is not only true for people in the bliss of sex, but it is also true for those in spiritual intimacy. We are married to Christ and that is why we can have intimacy with him.

Will we cover those with whom we are having covenanted sex with? Will we circumcise our hearts from selfish motives? Sex is one of the delicacies and gifts of God. Don't you think He gave us instructions so that so that we wouldn't get hurt? When you have read the manual, you can have mad-crazy sex and in the end still love, cover and respect your partner and yourself.

You were created for greatness!