Broken, No More

Written by Pastor John Garcia on .

To be effective fathers, we must be touchable! Priests could not have boils; small, unhealed wounds that become infected and painful to the touch. Why? Simply because, true spiritual authority doesn't start with organization; it's with family. When a church ceases to be a family, she loses her authority. Fathers start families. Fathers are more than “donors”; they are instructors, providers, guardians and disciplinarians. They raise sons in the way they should go and not the way the Father determines to be fit. Fathers, honor the future God desires for the sons and sons honor their fathers. This is just as true in a home as it is in an ecclesiastical setting. In the absence of honor, victimization and entitlement give rise. Instead of honoring one another our relationships will continually corrode! This is why God chose fathers to establish Israel and fathers to birth the Church and these fathers are all honored in the New Jerusalem with thrones.

Every weekend, many gather for a great production, but often times there’s no productivity. Why, you may ask? Because we've surrendered our birthright for what some one else prepared; an old wineskin and model that has perpetuated pain, immaturity and deep disappointment. This has created a realm of spiritual poverty called, “an orphan spirit”. It's truly a pity to live so spiritually impoverished when in fact; we are a multi-mantled generation with vast potential. However, feeble-minded, pseudo-ecclesiastical, absentee spiritual fathers/mothers have kept us from walking as heirs of Jesus' finished work. In order to reveal the finished work, release the generational blessing and break the curse of generational infancy, Fathers must turn their hearts to this generation of bastard sons & daughters born in CEO-Modeled churches and celebrity evangelist crusades!

A mature father in spirit knows they’ve come to the age of fruitfulness and God’s laws of nature and spirit create the desire to spread the seed. However, many seed carriers are attempting to be fathers, having never been fathered. How would they know the expectations to lay upon sons, if they’ve never been one? There is no such thing as spiritual maturity without relational maturity. An "Orphan Spirit" is an attitude of the identity-less heart; a bankrupt value system created from an identity crisis. An identity, which was supposed to be unearthed with the help of fathers. Sons will show evidence of this crisis by citing words such as, "I don’t fit!", "I don’t belong!" and "nobody sees me". The Orphan-minded individual is desperately desiring to be seen by someone who will adopt/validate them.

Sons by nature are dreamers, but fathers have vision. It’s not good enough to call fire from heaven in the public’s eye, like Elijah and then hide when we have crisis. Sons learn to trust their dads and we must teach our sons/daughters this principle by modeling it. Fathers/Mothers, draw your sons/daughters to you so that they learn from your strengths and fears. Jezebel would like for you to hide your weakness and lay with her in a darkroom so that she may develop your negatives. She desires control of what you see (your Vision)! Don't let her shift your focus. Find her window and throw her through it! Don’t hide and don’t run from her! You are a Father, teach your heritage to fight her and cast her to the dogs! “Why dogs?”, because they are loyal and love unconditionally. Jesus told the woman at the well that true worshipers, proskyneo, like a loyal dog who know its master.

Maturity shows us that when you have become more than you are, you will give more than you had. Immaturity is simply expecting to receive more than you give. The capacity to have more, is found in those who choose to be more. Give your life for this sacred cause as a hallmark of maturity. Now, if your good deeds are fueled by misguided perceptions or agendas of hidden personal gain, those weeds will eventually choke your heritage. Why, because healthy doctrines in a toxic culture will produce disfigured results.

Mature fathers only expect love from sons as long as they are young and they invest in them. Fathers raise up and release. Even if the son/daughter leaves due to foolishness, a mature father in the Lord will not withhold their inheritance from them. Mature sons, reverse the order and reciprocate as a sign of maturity. As leaders, we may have success stories, yet not be a success! Success is found in the healthy investments we've made into our successors and not the kingdom we’ve built on the backs of so-called sons who are nothing more than modern Egyptian slaves working for the slick looking Super Apostle-Pharaoh.

Leadership without a right purpose can be more dangerous than no leadership at all (Matthew 15:14) and in order to avoid either of those scenarios, healthy leadership requires Transparency and Vulnerability. Transparency is limited to divulging information. Vulnerability however, allows others to fill in character cracks and reveal our personal Achilles heels as long as it is done in covenant. A covenant should always cover weakness. Sons do not expose a father, but cover, even when a father is drunk on their own success, like Noah. On the other hand, the father didn’t ask his son to bathe, prove himself and repent. He saw his heart and his direction and immediately covered him with his mantle. The pig slop was under the mantle, but the son was covered. This is a safe place in the order of Father’s to sons. A healthy respect for boundaries is not in any way the same as "fear of the unknown". In a CEO-Model church, you’ll be fired and replaced if you fail in any way!

Lastly, I’d like to hone in, on the anointing and the apostolic father or any other Equipping Gift, for that matter. The anointing, according to Jesus’ description, is a lower level of glory focused on destroying yokes and fixing broken things. If the carrier is anointed, but broken, it will expose their brokenness as well. This brokenness will become evident via their personality. i.e. rude, demanding, entitled, fearful, controlling. . .among others. Often times the ‘anointed’ will excuse these behaviors and say, "it's the anointing". They're right! The anointing is amplifying their junk, too and making them difficult to deal with relationally. Left unhealed this leader will pass on a legacy of immaturity and pain. If anointing appears it's because broken people need fixing and liberating, so let’s take a dose of our own medicine and get the freedom and healing we need as fathers. Everything is connected in the invisible world, so let’s change the way we view relationships. Honor, listen and always respond in love and God’s glory will come.

The Kingdom is given to glorious ones, not anointed ones. The Kingdom is not anointed, it’s glorious. In the anointing, all eyes are on the carrier. In the glory all eyes are on God! According to Jesus, many anointed ones will be turned away because they excuse their mess rather than fix it. This is called, iniquity. Fathers, I urge you not to use the anointing as an excuse for destructive behavior. Many who use this as some sort of caveat are not accountable to anyone, including God. God's silence toward this so-called ‘anointed’ is actually resistance due to pride. As equally for sons, our brokenness will cause us to seek out anointed ones (a king for Israel) and create idols of mere gifted men with poor character.

It's not about arrogance! It's about inheritance! Your spiritual father may not be famous and most likely won’t be perfect, but they’re your father. They are most likely the dirt you will fall to the ground in and die, but seeds need dirt. Their place in your heart should be irreplaceable. This is honor and it’s a key to opening dimensions. Sadly, many have discarded it because it lacks appeal. Others because possessing it means to be possessed by it. This key requires you to give it away before you may receive it. Thankfully, wholeness will cause us to use this key to access the glory that will cover each of us and eventually cover the earth. When the glory comes it will be because broken people have shifted their focus to God, have lived in honor and the anointing has liberated and healed their brokenness.