Written by Pastor John Garcia on .

Consecration releases authority and the supernatural. Genuine consecration combines prayer, humility and judging yourself before the Lord. Jesus said, judge yourselves that you be not judged . It is an examination of the human effort, so we might yield ourselves more fully to the divine effort. Consecration is a conscious process of spiritually purifying ourselves for the purpose of operating to a greater degree in oneness with the Lord.

Consecration will involve the removal of the beams of our own eyes that create schisms within your family, the Body or at work/neighbors; Avoidance of “evil-speaking” and premature judgments; Eliminating the rumor-mill or hearsay as a means of input in the decision-process; Averting the orientation toward formulas which undermine the wisdom and revelation available for specific situations; and Removing the infiltrators from within ministry circles who demonstrate a pattern of evil-speaking and division.

Consecration will entail crossing spiritual thresholds. Spiritual advancement will result when effectively employing those elements of His Word and of prayer needed to overcome the odds and cross the threshold. It involves immersing yourself in God's Word and disciplining yourself to enter the place Paul spoke of as “praying without ceasing.” It is an alignment process.

The scripture in Luke 9 tells us that Jesus had set his face toward Jerusalem. Yet, in this process, the Samaritans rejected Him. James and John's misguided passion was born of spiritual tunnel-vision: to employ the power of God to respond in kind and bring down judgment on the Samaritans. Jesus knew the answer to the Samaritans was tied to what would unfold in Jerusalem. James and John responded like zealots, which was contrary to the thrust of the Lord's earthly ministry. Jesus put things back in focus for them—and for us, with the words, ‘the Son of Man came not to destroy men's lives, but to save them .'

Piercing the veil which empowered the movement described in Acts 17:6 as those who were “turning the world upside down,” came with the outpouring of the Holy Spirit. It followed one of history's most brutal transitions of waiting on God. The cost was paid at the cross. The release came at the resurrection, but the veil was pierced for the believers at Pentecost. It remains the model for this day. It was the veil-piercing that broke the bonds, that constrained the followers of Jesus—then and now, of their misguided zeal, premature judgments and all the other limitations to our best human efforts.

The shift underway will gain momentum as we prepare ourselves, as a Body. As we learn to accurately discern the veil and boldly face spiritual realties in faith, we will sharpen our alignment with the Spirit of the Lord, so that we emerge beyond our good intentions and zealous human effort with the power of God to traverse the transitions and cross our thresholds.

“You've not passed this way before, so consecrate yourselves, for the Lord is going to do wonders among you .” Joshua 3:4,5

You were created for greatness!